My dad is declining rapidly. I am so tired I feel like I am fighting for my dad all the time, he has PD with dementia and in the last few weeks he has had behavior issues so unlike him he so confused he is in nursing facility since end of July. He was so rigid fall easily he could no longer shower and developed sundowners we were up all nite confused and lost it’s my husband and myself and we have to work so had no choice but make sure he was taking care of so he went to nursing facility. He welcomed it had friends there and was very aware that he needed help with daily living. But now things different. Started having behavior issues throwing things won’t use wheel chair etc. This was in evening time. Not bad confused in day time.Nursing him sent him to a behavioral facility he was there 20 days he is hallucinating bad confused I don’t believe he understands anything I say, the doctor just said he isn’t combative now and can be redirected more easier now.They the doc just stated that PD is awful and hard to manage. Well then what do you do?

How do you know what stage PD patient are what meds should he be on?

What do I do?

Anyone please help,The emotional toll is greater than me now. How do I tell if his problems increase from medicine or the desease itself the confusion, behavior

He is on sinement Paxil they took him off serequil

He started sinement one and a half months ago and takes risterill help sleep and depakote Please any advice help!

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