My father is 82 years old, and he currently lives with me. He has had Parkinson's for a long time now, and recently he started having hallucinations and delusions.

He would see small children standing at the foot of his bed, or a heavy object sitting on his head. The most frequent episode that recurs every 10 minutes or so is when lies in bed, he would keep screaming that he is falling and raise his arms and his leg ups involuntarily.

The only thing I could do now is playing along with him, and cam him down by holding his hands in mine, or massaging his legs. However, the moment I stop, the episode would start all over again. It really breaks my heart to see him that situation, and I feel so helpless.

He used to be on carbidopa 4 times a day and 2 tablets each time, but now his Doctor advised to cut it down to just one tablet each time. That did not seem to help so far.

Does anyone have any tips or care for a loved one that has that same delusion?

Thank you so much for your help!


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