If you will receive a pension for work not covered by Social Security (such as government employment), any Social Security benefits you may be eligible to receive on your spouse's record may be reduced. This type of benefit reduction is called GPO (Government Pension Offset).
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You need a Tax Accountant not a lawyer.
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Need more info. As far as I know, the only way SS would be less would if they were between 62 and 66 where you can only make 14k, maybe more now, a year or SS takes back 100 for every 200 earned or something like this. As far as I know once your over 66 you can make as much as you want and collect full SS.

I don't think a lawyer is what you need? A CPA maybe? It would depend what the income is. We had a problem a few years back when husband retired. SS sent us a letter before they deducted anything giving us time to show what the income was. We were able to prove it wasn't really income. Had to do with husbands retirement package.
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