My dad is recovering from pneumonia and will have (we hope) double hip replacement surgery when he recovers. We would like to help them but it would have to be near my home- what kind of housing should I look for for short term stays here so I can help my mom? After this is settled they will look at long term solutions.We are in the metro DC area and my parents live in NM

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Oh what a terrible situation. If your parents can live alone, I would start looking into Assisted Living or Independent Living facilities BEFORE he has the surgery. Hopefully, when your dad has the surgery, he will be placed in a Skilled Nursing home afterwards, but there's no guarantee. It is up to the doctor. Most importantly though - if your parents are already set up or planning for this double hip surgery, his doctor is most likely in NM, which will hinder your dad being placed in a facility up in the DC area as he is licensed in NM - not DC. But if your dad agrees to have a doctor in the DC area do the surgery, he could be placed locally so you can help him and your mom out. But in the meantime, your mom will need a place to stay. If a place is picked out before the surgery, she will have a place to stay. Otherwise, where would she stay? With you? Can she be left alone? Only you really know this information. It's a hard decision any way around. Good luck!!
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