Atty not showing up for POA to be signed. Living in assisted living I need to get poa signed. Help

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You need a Florida POA in Florida and an Ohio POA in Ohio. If they are on Medicaid in Florida, do NOT move them anywhere. Medicaid would stop and then you reapply in Ohio. Medical transport is unthinkably expensive and neither Medicaid nor Medicare will cover it.
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Rosalind, correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand the situation you needed help to get your parents from a flat in Miami, then to assisted living in Delaware, Ohio.

The title of your post indicates thought they're in a rehab hospital, but the text states they're in assisted living.

Could you clarify? If they're in rehab, is it in a hospital or separate facility? If either, what's their projected discharge date? You indicated in another post the issue of getting the POA signed was to get access to their funds. Is this still the case, and you need to access the funds to get them moved from Miami to Ohio?

I think the questions are:

1. Where are they now? If they're in a rehab hospital or facility, I assume Medicare is paying for their stay and you won't need the funds until you pay for the medical transport and put a down payment, if necessary, on the AL facility. Or do you need funds for the AL facility now?

2. If they are in rehab, do their doctors indicate they will have progressed sufficiently to live in an AL facility? You wouldn't want to make arrangements for a facility that might not provide as much support as they need.

3. Given either circumstances, if you need the funds now, I would ask the attorney who drafted the POA if he/she is able to come to the hospital/rehab facility NOW. If not, ask if a colleague at his/her law firm can come. If no to that as well, you could get 2 witnesses and a notary to execute the POAs. It would be ideal if the attorney were present but it sounds like he/she's not cooperating.

4. You may need another POA when your parents arrive in Ohio. You can Google "Ohio DPOA, reciprocity with other states", or do the same for Florida DPOAs. What you want to find out is whether Ohio will require a new DPOA.

5. If you already have an AL facility chosen in Ohio, an easier way to address the issue of documentary reciprocity is to ask the Administrator if you an use a Florida DPOA when you have your parents admitted.

And be sure to sign anything as "Rosalind ...., DPOA, pursuant to DPOA dated Dec., ...., 2015", or whatever date it is so that you're not personally liable for your parent's financial obligations.

Hope this helps. Sounds like you've got a lot on your agenda right now.
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