My parents have a low monthly income, and I'm currently filling out applications for Medicaid Long term care.


I have been sending money to supplement my parents modest SS income each month. It gets spent and is not saved. Wondering how to deal with this on the app. In my mind, I can stop supplementing their income and it will be just SS. Where app ask for info on "other income" gifts, etc. Not sure what to do as I'd like to have them receive enough benefits to which they are honestly entitled, that would allow me to cease sending my personal $ to help. Thank you.

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thank you.
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I would get an opinion from an expert, like an Elder Law attorney, who knows Medicaid laws very well, prior to submitting Medicaid LTC application. There may be legal information regarding their assets/income that could be helpful. There are certain things that need to be answered precisely in order to qualify. If you are not familiar with the details, requirements, it could have a negative impact. Also, keep in mind that they are likely to request financial records.
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