I currently have a savings bond in which my parent is listed as a coowner on it... I am the primary and my parent is the secondary... if I was to cash the bond in... my Social Security number would be taxed...

My question is.... if my parents apply for medicaid would the savings bond be calculated in their asset portion even though my social security number is on the bond?

Any advise would be helpful.

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These bonds were purchased by me and I have the documentation to support it..they were never purchased by the was paid from my direct deposit pay stubs...never from the parent...the name was place on them in case I was hit by a bus.

I worked, bought and paid for these...not a gift from anyone but from my job.

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If it's at full redemption cash it out now so it's on you / your SS for this tax year. Their intention was for it to be $$$ for you, I'd bet their names placed just in case you got hit by a bus.

If your really fretting on this, cash them out, put funds into a spanking new bank account in your name and leave it untouched till Medicaid cleared whenever that happens even if it's years from now.
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