My parents are in assisted living. My father is in a wheelchair and could use some cuddles to get some exercise.

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They take some exercise classes that he can do. My mother is still in her right mind but my father has dementia the late stages. It would not be advisable for him to get out of his wheelchair to exercise.
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Ed, if your parents are living in Assisted Living, does the facility offer physical therapy for it's residents? My Dad has that every day during the week. He either goes to the therapist or she/he comes to Dad's apartment.... and the rehab group has such equipment.

Dad has no special clothes that he wears for his therapy, just regular shirt, slacks, sneakers.

As for claiming such items on taxes, it all depends if your parent's income... at the end of the year such deductible items would need to be over a certain % of that income to become deductible.
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I'm wondering what kind of equipment would be considered? Is any therapy offered by the AL facility? If so, that would be preferable as your father would be help with trained professionals.

If there is a therapy function offered, and he needs a script, ask one of his doctors to write it so he can get professional help.

One thing he can do is get one of the little bicycle pedal machines. They're just like the pedals of a bike, can be placed on the floor for legal use or table for arm use. They run about $15 (+/-) from catalogues like Dr. Leonards. Or they might even be available at a DME store.

Therapy facilities generally have the much larger, more expensive ones but the little ones work just as well. You might have to put something heavy on the floor supports just to hold them in place though.

IRS Publication 502 addresses what medical expenses are deductible. I don't know that clothing would be deductible unless it's very, very medically specific, and offhand, I can't think of anything other than something like Depends.
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