I have mom and dad (87-90 years old) living in apartment & caregivers coming in. Mom has dementia and dad is on oxygen 24/7. Thy cannot take care of themselves and i have several people from agency coming in to take care of them. I's getting very hard on my dad and I to take care of mom. Se has Mdicaid and there is one nursing home that would take Medicaid in our area which is not a good nursing home. (low income and do not have a house and living with me is not an option at this time). Do I have any other options??

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If the one nursing home in your area that accepts medicaid is not a good nursing home, that's a horrible choice to have to make.

What about expanding your area, i.e. looking further afield? Ideally you'd want them to be able to stay together, and of course close enough for you to visit regularly; but that doesn't have to mean close enough for you to visit every day. It's more important to have confidence in the quality of care they're getting 24/7, because with the best will in the world you can't keep watch over them all the time.

Would you be able to travel a reasonable distance - say, once or twice a week - if necessary? If so, and you can find a good facility that can accommodate both of their needs looking ahead, it's another option. Wishing you luck.
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If the aids aren't enough, I think your option is the nursing home. Assisted Living may be helpful, but that is pretty much what you have going on already.
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