I am working very diligently to keep mom in her own home for as long as possible. She is an 84-year-old dementia (Alzheimers) patient in the mild to early mid range of her dementia journey. I am the only caregiver she will allow. She shops nonstop on the home shopping networks and buys the oddest things. Last big purchase was 3 huge carpet shampooers and 3 cases of the carpet shampoo that goes with it! Then, she bought 4 big boxes of stainless steel cookware. She no longer cooks; I bring in all of her meals. I am exhausted from my postoffice runs to return all of her purchases. The shopping networks have not been helpful in my efforts to stop this frantic buying. Attorneys have said not to worry about it. But I do. This is a predatory practice by these networks. My mother denies ordering any of these things, but I hear her ordering when I am over there. I take the phone from her and tell the customer service rep not to send it. I am frustrated beyond belief. Anyone else with this issue?

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I hope you have POA. If so, this is the time to use it. Wouldn't you think that after stuff being returned so often, the Shopping Channel will flag her not allowing her to order. I hope you are getting return lables from this company and not spending your own money to return. If they have to pay, then maybe they will cut her off.

I agree, set up restraints. You can also delete channels so they don't show up when scrolling thru channels.
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Our satellite provider, and this was also true when we had cable, allows us to block channels so that they never appear either in the channel guide or as you’re scrolling through the channels. It’s under parental controls and you set it with a password. I’d set it when mom’s not around, you have to do it on each tv if there’s more than one. Don’t admit to it! When she notices just say she must not get those channels anymore. It’s good for blocking all sorts of crap you don’t want coming in!
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Does her tv have “parental control”? Could you block the channels without her knowing and then say her tv provider no longer shows those channels?
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Daughterof1930 Sep 2018
Ha! I was typing the same thing as you posted!
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