My grandfather passed away about 2 years ago. My grandmother has been living alone ever since & her mental health is rapidly declining. She is not quite at the point where she needs a nursing home but she can no longer live alone in that big house in an unsafe neighborhood any longer. The problem is, she refusees to leave. My entire family is at our witts end, unsure of what to do. She lets stray cats in & out of the house so now she has another flea infestation & the stench of cat urine is overwhelming. We're pretty sure she just drinks wine then sleeps every day. But, she refuses to move out. Can we force her out in any way? It's in everyone's best interest!

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I am sorry to hear about you grandfather and the issues that you are going through with your grandmother. I hope you find that you are not alone. You can't necessary force her out of her home; but their are ways to convince her to consider an alternate living situation.

Here are a few articles written by editors that will help you find some answers to caring for a parent who will not leave their home.

When Elders Don’t Accept Outside Caregivers in the Home

How to Convince Your Parent to Move to Assisted Living

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