My elder parent still tries to manipulate my sister and me.

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I have yet to master the NOT FEELING GUILTY and MANIPULATED. I have 3 siblings, it only works on me!
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Of course many have dealt with that and are dealing with it. It is a common thread on these forums.

The operative word here is the parent "TRIES" to manipulate. I sure hope you have some strategies to keep parent from being successful.
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Have you ever come to the right place my friend. That is the name of the game,the elder's weapons, GUILT and MANIPULATION and they are ninjas with these 2 weapons. They know all your emotional buttons and how to push them. Especially if there is any unresolved dysfunctional family dynamics then it can become Thunderdome,put in some dementia and it's a free for all. Keep coming to this board. You are so not alone, we are legion.I myself have my lifelong Narcissisistic mother who now is an old Narc with health problems and I am an only child, let the fun begin.I at least for now don't have the wild card of dementia to deal with, just a very self centered human being that is now senior citizen self centered human being.You and your sister need to show an united front. Don't know what your relationship with your sis has been but this is the time to mend fences and close ranks.,who knows, safety in numbers.It's all about control,and how you can set boundaries on their behavior and stick to them(that's hard and takes practice).First advice, don't move them in with you or you go live with them, and don't quit your job if you are still working and don't move hundreds to thousands of miles to live near them uprooting your family.You need to work for your own retirement and if you have children you need to put your relationship with them first.Please keep coming to this forum.Ask anything.Ventilate on a bad day, we have heard it all, no judgements,well almost none, you know there is one in every crowd but they are outnumbered.The only stupid question is the one you don't ask,welcome aboard.
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