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Hi, my elderly mother has had this condition for years. Her's is in the lower lobe of her lung. It is basically a bacteria that don't go away. It can lay dormant and rear it ugly head at any time. My mother is 89 and has a pulmonary Dr., he deals mostly with lungs. He switches antibiotics all the time, but she has had so many now that they are not as useful as they use to be. Your parent should have a specialist examine them and x-rays or scans can help to check the progress of this condition. They will go from there in their treatments. My mother is just recovering from pneumonia in both lungs, she had a broken femur near her hip in August. Mom lives with dh and I and yesterday with the help of our family doctor went and had her hearing evaulated. They don't accept her medicare/medicaid so the expense is out of pocket. At least we were offered a credit card to put it on with no interest and finance charge. When I saw the smile on her face when she could hear it was priceless. She loves them and is a whole different person with them. Sorry for the bunny trail. Hope I have given you a little of what you wanted to know. Have you looked this condition up on the internet. I like to go to Web MD and the Mayo Clinic for info. Hope things go well for you. Blessings
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