My parent has been in a nursing home for about a year, has had several serious illnesses, she has even had to have a feeding tube inserted. She has fallen more times than I can count. I cannot handle any of her financial affairs because i don;t have the POA or Guardianship of her. Her bills from the countless ER visits and the bills from the nursing home have been coming to me and i don't have the money to pay them. I have tried to talk to my siblings several times to see if they could take some responsibility and help me out with my parent's care and financial affairs but to no avail. Now tonight I get a phone call from the nursing home who have notified me that my parent has once again been taken to the ER. It seems she has an extremely high temp and is making a gurggling sound like she is struggling to breathe as her lung may be filling with fluids. At this point I won't know till morning what is wrong with her but the nurses at the nursing home said it didn't look good. They said she seemed to in a seizure every few minutes. So my question is this, if I am going to pay her ER and Nursing home care, what can I do to get her money from her bank legally. I don't want to break any laws and go to jail by writing a check or something. But I need to do something before she passes away... if that's really what is happening.. I sure hope not tho but Im scared to death of being sued by the hospital and the nursing home for thousands of dollars that I cannot pay from my own income. Can someone tell me what I should do?? Help please!!

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