Christmas day-ba humbug. Seriously she made it seem to my brother that all I do is yell. She ALWAYS has a way of making people feel sorry for her. Todays issue was-not eating or drinking much last ten days. She was bitchy until my bro came, then all nice.Until he told her a few things about eating and drinking.Are the elderly good at telling lies? She is feeling ok. She has good energy most of the day. Why can they be so mean to their own daughter/caregiver?My brother even caught her not eating much today. And then she will burst into tears saying we are mean.This is not true. Does anyone else get this stuff?

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Has she always been like this or is this recent behavior. If this is relatively recent, then you may want to consider whether she is suffering from depression, and the early stages of other cognitive issues may also be at work here. I would suggest screening for these things, including seeing a geriatric psychiatrist and neurologist. wish you well
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She is going to dig in her heels whenever she is told she has to do something, much like a small child. She wants to be in charge and often the strategy is to divide and conquer. She complains about you to him and then complains about him to you, knowing it will start an argument. When that does not work, she will throw a tantrum and burst into tears. So far you are winning the battle.
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