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Whom are they lying to? My mom claims to be perfectly fine, doesn't need to go see her doctor, doesn't need the anti-depression medicine for her panic attacks. YET, when my brothers visit, she needs help standing up. She can't climb into their cars. And when she got a jury duty summons, she wrote down that she has arthritus.
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When my mom goes to her docs she talks about minor illnesses that she has had forever. The problem is that they focus on these and do not get to the more pressing problem. I even coach her before we go in about focusing on the more urgent problems...then we get inside and it starts all over.
I don't know if my Mom "lies" about her condition, but she does like to let everyone think that no one is caring for get them "on her side." I cannot tell you how many times a paid caregiver, nurse, doc, looked at me as if this was the first moment I have been taking care of my Mom. I have to bite my tongue instead of saying, "I have been doing this for nearly 4 years...ain't my first time." Mom loves sympathy from whomever she can get it. Sometimes I just sit back amused, other times I tire of having to deal with another less than fun aspect of caregiving.
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