The financial aspect as well as trust issues for in home help are concerns. Who should be contacted first in making the right decisions?

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Bridget is right on with her advice. You can also look at assisted living arrangements. Sometimes the social aspects of a good assisted living facility are appealing. Each person is different, so exploring different approaches is a good idea.
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First take a deep breath..!! If your loved one is in a hospital the social worker in the hospital can help you locate trusted agencies to interview as well as help guide you through next steps for your loved one. It all depends on what happened, what care you think is going to be needed for me to give you the "type" of agency you may need.
I work for a home health care agency after care giving for my parents for ten years and like you had no idea what to do or where to turn to. There are a lot of resources in your community probably as well you can access, please make contact with the social worker of the hospital or rehab facility. If your loved one needs Home Health Care such as help w/ dressing, meals, laundry, errands, transportation then you need to review Non Medical home Health Care. If your loved one needs physical therapy, then you are looking for a Skilled Home Health Care Agency. Medicare will pay for Skilled therapy. Medicare in most cases will not pay for Non-Medical home Health Care.

Funding sources may be if your loved one has a long term care policy, were they a veteran or married to a veteran? You can also review resources by Goggling. Area on Aging, your state or county to locate some help.

If you need Non-Medical home Health care I always tell my clients to interview at least two if not three different companies, ask your friends for suggestions. Your loved one has a choice; you do not have to go with who the doctor or hospital says to. Interview and see who you and the patient feel comfortable with. On this site there are several articles on what to ask and check on. All agencies are bound by your State Board of Health. You can probably review their status on your local state board of health site. Most agencies are on the up and up because it cost too much to start and keep and agency going with false intentions. Please feel free to in-box me and I can give you some questions to ask if need be.
Good Luck,
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