My mom is incontinent in both respects. She has had two UTIs that landed her in the hospital. She is sometimes able to get to the doctor's office (with me or an aide), but we are also very fortunate that the senior health center she goes to provides house calls when necessary.

I was talking to her NP, who is the one who comes to the house, about how we can somehow get on top of the UTIs before they get serious. My mom's symptoms are extremely vague - mostly she loses her appetite and doesn't feel up to going out. She doesn't get more confused, which I know is a sign. NP said ideally do a clean catch urine test periodically, but that is not possible. She cannot transfer to a commode in time to do this. Np said the alternative was to have her "straight cathed" at home, though she doesn't recommend this method.

The house calls program has a service where they can provide short-term fluids and antibiotics at home if a UTI occurs and isn't too serious. That would be SO great, as the trips to the ER in an ambulance are so traumatic.

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