January 2016 my father-in-law passed away. Since then my husbands 2 sisters have fully taken over his mother at the time had a small case of dementia. They have changed the locks in her home and will not let us visit her. We have gone to Adult Protective Services (APS) twice with this issue and the mental abuse that she gets from them and they have said she is capable of taking care of herself. Every time my husband goes over there to see her they call the police. His mom is being manipulated by his 2 sisters stating that we are coming by to lock her up so she gets scared and does not want to see him. Now she is frightened of him when he has never done anything wrong to her. His father told him that when he passes he wants my husband to sell the house (paid for) and put her in an assisted living facility so she can have peace from her children. We have spoken to an attorney and there is nothing he can do here in the state of VA (commonwealth). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this trying situation as it really is getting to my husband now? He has always had a close relationship with his mother. Thanks.

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