My mom is 90 and is suffering from memory loss and cognitive decline especially under stress. Then there's my mentally ill 1/2 bro who has been emptying moms acct. of her SS direct deposit every mo. for the past several mos. There's no will, POA or anything like that in place. He talked her into a bunch of loans starting at the beginning of the year which none had touched her bank account, and caused her over 60K in debt. He has now convinced her that I have been stealing BOTH of their SS income and had talked her into abandoning her house and move into his 600 sq foot apt. that is under section 8.

He weighs a minimum of 500 lbs. His diet consists of sugar and processed food like products. She hasn't been monitoring her blood pressure and I have no idea if she has been taking her blood pressure meds. Last time she did this while staying with him it landed her in ER twice within 2 days. He didn't bother getting her any follow up care as instructed and I was not informed she had been in the hospital and I'm her caregiver. A friend found out and told me. So I made an appointment with her doctor. The night before the appointment I had a talk with the doctor telling her what was going on. So she took extra time and talked to her observing what a mess my mom was emotionally & mentally.

The following day he sent her home to me with only $140.00 out of the $1,300 she gets a mo from SS. I had to feed us both on $192.00 a mo. that I receive. The bills have gone unpaid. Sept we didn't have hot water. Then the water was shut off soon to follow was electricity. He had gotten online access to her utilities and had the phone shut off one time right after I paid out of pocket to have it turned on. I quickly got him locked out of those accounts. He's convinced her to abandon her house that has a reverse mortgage and she receives a little income from that a month. I went to her bank and talked to the manager explaining they need to look at her bank records and see there's a problem there. The following day I made a police report and gave them a copy of bank records for "hard" evidence that they need to do anything. The cop said he will refer this to the detectives and make a report to APS. When he left he said he was going over to check on my mom. Since Aug. I have filed with APS = 2, mom's doctor = 2 and now police = 1. Police and APS aren't trained much if at all in the area of psychology.

Paranoid Schizophrenics lack emotions they (like some other mentally ill) learn what to say and how to act to manipulate. My brother can turn on the tears better than any actor I have seen. It's like a light switch. He has it down to a science. From what I can gather he's going to be losing his SS because my mom was payee and hasn't filed anything for accounting. He doesn't know this and he doesn't know his section 8 is in jeopardy as well because of no accounting they requested. I want to ask how can I get her back home?

She wants to be closer to her money I understand that. The laws are only devised to help abuse that can be seen. If the victim won't say anything but money to police then it turns into a civil matter. I was thinking of bringing her down to the bank if she's game to get a POA on her account. As along as she is lucid I read it is legal - she hasn't been diagnosed with anything yet.. I was thinking restraining order. But that would make her mad. That's her baby, golden child that she thinks is wonderful. (no one can stand him! ) People meet him and instantly do not like him because the way he is disrespectful towards her. Of course he doesn't show that to APS or police. Nov 1st he came by and while talking to my mom in the den I went in acting like I was straighten up a few things and placed a mini voice activated recorder on a table behind his chair and went outside till he left. He talks about ALL the $ he has embezzled. I found out the other day he opened an online direct deposit acct in her name. I closed it.

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