My Mom had a simple day surgery that went well. But several other health issues have surface. Like Cardiac Arrest, Irregular heart rate, low oxygen, she is unable to do anything by her self. She must have assistance with everything. I have quit my job and have moved in with my parents to help with the care of Mom. She would prefer me to do it than to have some stranger help her. Can I get some funding for my personal expenses while taking care of her.

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Igloo said it well. I join in wishing you the best.
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Your parents can pay you for what you do. They probably get Social Security check and maybe retirement income as well which can be used for this. They would need to do a "personal services contract" based on whatever home health aids make in your region. It's done all above board, with taxes paid which builds your own SS kitty for later on. Realistically you want to have an elder law attorney draw this up for you all as you don't want to have an issue with the $ as a penalty later on if either parents needs to apply for Medicaid in the future.

But if you're looking for a state or federal agency to pay you a living wage or replace your old salary so you can get paid to take care of your parents, that just isn't going to happen. In this country the caregiving system is basically private pay for caregivers or family does it for free. Some areas do that programs that provide for training for family to become caregivers and then can be paid for maybe 10 -15 hrs a week but it will be a low wage. Medicaid does have some community based programs which they can apply for - so you should look into that for them. There are other programs, like Meals on Wheels or Adult day care programs which they could get at very low cost or for free. Your local Area on Aging is the clearinghouse for details on what is out there in your region. AoA is part of your Council of Governments, a regional planning entity and paid for by your tax $$, so use them.
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