Dad , in a Nursing Home, qualified for Medicaid in August.

We sold his house the following March. He now has too much money and will come off of Medicaid until he spends down this house money to the Medicaid level once again and then go back onto Medicaid.

Does PA start billing him "Private Pay" from the March sale of home? Or does it go back to August and collect those Medicaid covered months as private pay?

I agree. It will be money well spent with a certified elder attorney to handle his Medicaid going forward and to allow your dad to benefit in any way possible.
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Whether it is a month early or late, it sounds as if the proceeds for the home will be spent completely down so why does it matter? The money is his alone. Even if he passes before it is spent down, the government will do a claw back. Check with an elder law attorney because This is a good time to see if some of the money can benefit him in personal ways such as dentures, dental or hearing care and, most important, pre paid funeral so that you are not caught with the bill. Keep good accounting.
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