Hi there. I have a caregiver that I know had been over sedating my mom. My mom does not have cancer or pain issues. She has mild dementia but is bed ridden. She was dosing her with Adavan and Haloprel to where it made her zombie like. My mom would only be this way during and after her shift. It was a definite pattern. I had repeatidly said she does not need dosing to this extent but only as needed. I think she did this to make it easier for herself so my mom would be like a zombie or dead asleep to the world. I caught on to it. It makes me mad because it was making me think my mom was declining rapidly by sleeping a lot and barely eating. I wrote a note and had each caregiver sign my wishes on medication for accountability. Well surprise, my mom is thriving better..much more clear headed and talkative. Now this caregiver is giving me attitude but acts like butter would melt in her mouth and like Ms. Christian to my mom. Fake! I am mad! I can not prove she over dosed her but I know it. She will just like if I confront her. She is also acting bit**y to other health aids except to one lady..her buddy. I want to fire her. I see my mom everyday and love her dearly
Anyone have thoughts on this?

Thank you,

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The caregiver is dangerous and could be dosing your Mother with other meds besides what Mom has for Rx.
Fire her and her "buddy", imo.
If an agency, tell them the truth why.
The caregiver with the attitude should never be allowed near another patient, imo.

Why is she still there?
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Juls, I assume you counted the number of pills before and after this caregiver's shift? That will give you more specific evidence that the caregiver was overmedicating your mother.

As has been asked, is she a private hire or through an agency? If the latter, definitely raise the issue with one of the admins and let them handle the termination. Follow up with an e-mail or letter to create a document trail.

If a private hire, did you execute any contract with her requiring you to give notice? If there is a contract, make sure you follow the terms "to the letter."

And if she has a key to the house, take it back, and get the locks changed.
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Hi Juls,
Reading this made my head spin as I know this sort of thing goes on. First off, dump the caregiver. Pronto. If you hired her thru an agency, call them and tell them personality conflicts are getting in the way. If she is a private hire, tell her another family member is stepping up to help. You really don't owe her a huge reason for dismissal. The last thing you need is your mother being overmedicated. Secondly, you don't need stress between caregivers. Also I would be very careful about accusing her, you don't need to deal with repercussions. Sounds like she has an attitude problem, and you certainly don't need any additional stress.
You say you are there daily, so I'm going to suggest you take over the medication management. I moved back 16 months ago to help with both my parents. Dad is 92, my mom is 84. On top of being in their home 5 days a week, I also have round the clock HHA's. My dad has mobility and is a fall risk, so I am unable to do it all. But I oversee ALL medications. Once a week I sit down with both mom and dad's meds and sort them into daily dispensers. AM, PM, Afternoon, whatever daily meds they take.
There are no bottles or excess meds laying about. The HHA's dispense them at the appropriate times, but no one has access to the meds in the bottles but me.
My dad is a NYS Medical Marijuana patient , and also uses an anti anxiety medication. The state monitors these medications very closely so there is no wiggle room to overmedicate.
Unfortunately not every HHA is as caring and honest as we would wish for our loved ones, but there are ways to oversee and stay on top of outside help. Best of luck
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You need to fire her today, this is very dangerous in high doses, your mother could slip into a coma and die. She should be checked by your Dr or home care Dr.
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Is the caregiver in your home or a facility? Based on what I have seen in my state, there is a Med Tech who administers the medication and logs it. If this person is in your home, wouldn't there be a prescribed amount of doses per day. Once those are taken, it would be obvious if they run out early.
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Dear Juls,

Glad you are looking out for your mom and being a strong advocate for her. You have to do what is best for your mom and if this caregiver crossed the line then let her go. I don't know what kind of severance or notice needs to be given, but given your level of distrust in this person, its best to sever ties.

Everything you wrote is true. It is sad but lots of caregivers do overmedicate to make it easier to "manage" the patient. I know its not easy in so many settings when there so many patients and they all need a high level of care. I still don't agree with it.

I too had this issue with my father. He was highly sensitive to medications and almost died from being over medicated. Its very hard to find the right balance, but I'm glad you did.
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