Over 5 years ago, my mom added my name, her daughter to ALL of her bank accounts. Will Medicaid look at that money when we apply?

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A lawyer had me take Moms name off of my disabled nephews bank account because Medicaid would consider the acct hers.
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coffeethecat28, the short answer is, yes, Medicaid will look at all of your mom's bank accounts regardless that your name was added to them more than 5 years ago. The longer answer about how Medicaid will look at them depends on how you are listed, e.g. Is your mom still the primary account holder? Or are the accounts now truly joint owner accounts, which might mean that Medicaid will consider your mom to own just 50% of the balances in them. But, assuming that your mom continued to make deposits into the accounts, Medicaid will probably look at all deposits over the past 5 years (less her expenses paid from them) as belonging to her. There are other nuances that may be important to Medicaid in your state -- each state has its own rules. Before you apply for Medicaid for your mom, I suggest that you talk to a good elder-law attorney well-versed in your state's Medicaid practices and do so ASAP.  It will be less risky for your mom's well-being if you can avoid surprises when applying for Medicaid.
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