My father has 72 years old and had a MCA stroke 7 days ago in LA. He is a resident in NY and receives SSI, Medicaid and Medicare part B, but he was abroad for more than 30 days and as required he communicated the Social Security office to stop the benefits until he would be back. He came back to the US on April 23rd and would reinstate his benefits on May 22nd, one month after returning, as he had done in several other occasions. He travelled to LA and on May 13th he had the stroke and was rushed to the hospital, where he currently is. Given the above situation, he has no coverage neither from Medicaid nor Medicare at this time and we have applied to Medi CAL, but will take 30 to 45 days for the application to be analysed. Below are the questions I am trying to figure out:

1. Would reactivate Medicaid NY be a faster and more certain alternative given that he already have the benefit? He should be allowed to reactivate within a 12 month period after stopping the benefit and normally Social Security would pay the balance to Medicare to re-establish part B. Once reinstated, there should be possible to request coverage for the period without coverage, correct? At least for the month of May?

2. If Medi CAL comes through and my father decide to move back to NY what needs to be done?

3. If friends lend money for medical expenses during this emergency, can this affect Medi CAL application and/or Medicaid reinstatement?


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