If so what was the outcome? We are thinking about going to Mexico.

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Alzheimer's destroys brain cells. Putting good new cells into a body that destroys cells has not worked and will not work. It just continues to destroy whatever you implant.
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No, but I would be very cautious about doing this.

60 Minutes just ran a piece on stem cell transplant frauds and here's an article about people being indicted over it. Here's one of the quotes from the article:

"Jan Nolta, PhD, is editor of SCTM's sister journal, STEM CELLS. She also directs the University of California Davis's Stem Cell Program. She noted, "Without regulations and reputable centers, desperate patients could be infused with a simple saline solution or worse: infected, dead, or dangerously mismatched cells that could cause terrible infusion reactions and later side effects. The public is cautioned to seek more information on these centers and their associated clinicians than that which appears on their websites."

"The leaders of reputable clinics and hospital centers should have trials ongoing that have received FDA clearance, as can be found at the website," she added. "There should also be a history of scientific and medical publications from the associated scientists and physicians related to the proposed therapy in scholarly journals such as STEM CELLS and others."

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