I receive LIS via state of KY. I understand that Medicare will not pay on Adult Day Care. I am on a limited income. I have dementia, fronto-temporal. Are there any programs other than PACE or Medicaid available? I need stimulation, emotionally as I have a dual diagnosis. Does Day Care accept private fees?

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If you are being encouraged to sign up for PACE, this probably means that your state is moving its Medicaid waiver programs to be done within PACE.

Medicaid as originally done was all about skilled nursing services in a NH. It was dedicated funding for skilled. This was in the 1960's. What has evolved is that the states are using the ability to shift some Medicaid $$ to other programs. In home care, PACE, AL waivers are all shifted Medicaid funding. They are all Medicaid waiver programs. PACE is Medicaid.

PACE is the new girl in town for waivers as its touted as being very cost efficient, care is all centralized, can serve a larger population, has a involved & trusted non-profit partner, yada -yada..... There is a PACE center by us in New Orleans and they are going gangbusters (the Benson Center with catholic charities as the nonprofit). Personally I think PACE is somewhat illusionist as the participants are more the well elderly.

Pam's right about speaking with your caseworker. You are probably going to need to establish that your needs are not suitable or cannot be met at the PACE center or that there is another waiver program which is focused on fronto temporal dementia & its care (this I'd bet will be a smaller program done by the gerontology dept at a state of KY health science center or medical school).
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If by LIS you mean low income subsidy, your caseworker should be able to find appropriate day services for you. Fees are usually on a sliding scale base on income.
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