In Dec, 2012, 89 year old Michigan mother was picked up by son, taken to Texas, and he will not return her. She is isolated, homesick, and scared. Four 2 minute calls to her sister have been allowed, but are monitored by son. Son has gotten money from family trust bank and is running up legal bills in court, attempting to gain control of mother's trust & family trust. Judge keeps having hearings and saying "what does she want." 89 year old is vulnerable and under control of son, with no idea there is a court matter going on. Her house, vehicle, and personal possessions are still in Michigan. In past years, son has drained most of his mother's savings already, but is trying to get it all now, as he has a sibling, a sister. 89 year old says son tells her it is too expensive for her to get home. I want an older woman "friend" in Houston area to visit her, so she doesn't feel so alone. Any organizations who would do that? Can't sleep at night so worried about her. She has had a minor stroke since he "kidnapped" her, along with other infections and foot injury.

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Sad situation.This must be very difficult for you. Have you contacted APS for a visit and evaluations? What did they find out? Another thought would be Meals on Wheels coming in a few times a week. Is he taking care of her medical needs; going to the doctor, see that she takes any medicines that are necessary. Have you contacted Harris County Sheriff's office for a wellness check.

I am just not sure an individual, unless connected with an organization, would be comfortable going into this home as a stranger; not knowing the son and how he is emotionally. Does he allow her to attend church? If so, contact them for assistance on visitation.

If he has drained her bank accounts, this is a crime and should be reported to the police in the city where the accounts are located. I truly think you need any attorney involved. Get one that is a specialist in elder care.

If wish I could offer more. What area of town are they in and I can get you some phone numbers, if you would like.

Best wishes!
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