I have a 88 yr old elderly that's been falling lately. Her desire is to live alone in her own home as we speak. I am her DPOA and her Caregiver. Does Medicare pay for medical home alert products?

This 88 yr old lady I have is legally compatent.With that said, I understand that I can't force her to buy a thing if she don't want to. Understandable.

Another question,But,here's the problems with that.,
This elderly person doesn't want to spend a dime on anything .And I don't have the money to buy for her.This elderly person is my Aunt.
She's very tight with her money.S he has the money to spend but doesn't.
With that said makes me look like a bad caregiver. How can work with nothing?
I don't charge my Aunt a thing to be her caregiver. I'm saving her tons of money for what I'm doing for her that she doesn't realize.
The Aunt uriens in large plastic coffee jugs instead of going to the bathroom. She has these jugs laying all over her home making her home stick of urien. I tell her she needs to buy a bed pan? She refuses to spend any money what so ever. I don't have the money to go out and buy bed pans for her and I shouldn't have to do so with my money. Her visiting nurse knows how her home smells and doesn't say a word about it. I think the nurce enjoys the smell.
This only make me look like a bad caregiver from my Aunt's actions to save money.
I am her Durable POA. Can I use her funds without her knowing to buy her bed pans? Can I just step in and buy them with her money? She needs bed pans.
Regardless she will find out from her bank statements later that I used this money to buy these pans.There's no hiding that. At this point I see no other choice but to start using her funds to buy these bed pans. What's my options a her Durable POA? Can I do this without getting in trouble? I don't understand the reason for a Durable POA if I can't spend her money for her needs. Seems this POA is worthless. Sometimes I feel like stopping being her caregiver. If I stop she will get a reality check. I think she needs to see what it's like without me. May sound harsh to say but this seems my only option left.
The past four days she fell 3 times. As a caregiver you must count for every bruse. I note everytime.
If my Aunt doesn't buy a medical home alert product soon? The next fall maybe her last. 3 times is a charm. And I can't take anymore risks. I need to do something.
What else can I do? Is this Durable POA worthless? Seems it is if I can't act upon it and spend her money to buy her needs.
As of now,
I have no other choice but to tell my Aunt either you start spending your money to buy these things you need? Or I'm done being her caregiver and DPOA.

If she isn't willing to start spending her money to make things easier for her to live at home? Then, I'm done being her caregiver and she can go to a nurcing home.
I need advice of my options as her DPOA and her caregiver? I am both!
Seems the only way I can get things done is to make her incompatent by a doctor in order for me to spend her money on what she needs. Seems this DPOA is worthless.

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Medical Monitoring & Alert System can be covered under Medicare Part B with non-assigned reimbursement, and other insurances with a prescription demonstrating medical necessity. Vouchers are available through some third party insurers and Medicaid/state assistance. Talk to the MD.
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