I am not getting options to tackle this situation. My parents want me to get married but i do not have any source of money to get married nor i have any support who will take care of my mom nor dad. Now recently my mother underwent tubercuosis treatment and also had a biopsy done. she is is not as healthy as she was before, just recovering. Now my dad is a diabetic but very weak, he is on insulin now bedridden, he needs support for everything. Can anyone let me know if there is a decent option where some caring center can help him get better soon, so that he is not dependent of others. My mom can only cook and take care but she cannot lift him nor feed him nor inject insulin. i need some advice on getting good care with decent investment as i do not earn as much to spend on care. i want to take care of both of them but if i focus on one i will not be able to focus on other, also if i focus on father then i will not be able to do full time job.

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Once someone is bedbound it becomes next to impossible to care for them and if a spouse is struggling to care for them not only will the spouse end up getting sick but the bedbound person doesn't improve either. Your dad needs 24/7 professional care. If he can't afford it then apply for Medicaid and they'll pick up the tab if your dad is to go into a nursing home.

Unless it's a brief illness in an otherwise healthy person, once someone becomes bedbound they don't usually improve. And being bedbound comes with its own set of problems and health issues that contribute to the person's decline.

It's very compassionate of you to want to care for your parents but hang onto your job. If you quit your job to care for them the roof over your head and the food in your fridge is only as stable as your parents health and that's an awful situation in which to find yourself.

I hope you can get 24/7 care for your dad. He needs it.
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