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Well if a person lives in my home, the only option is the meal I am preparing. I am not sure if OP is referring to AL, NH or another facility, but few have restaurants with menu choices.
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When both my husband and my mother were in a nursing home, there was one meal choice as well. Meals could be modified for allergies, chewing/swallowing abilities, and in my husband’s case, because he is a large man., he would receive a larger portion. But it was entirely “take it or leave it”.

Now, for those lucky Seniors who can afford it, there are what we call the “resort” facilities. One near us has a salon, barber shop, snack stand, and a dining room and bar/pub overseen by a master chef.

A lot of Seniors I know are obsessed with what their meals are. My husband’s like this. While he’s eating breakfast, he’s already asking what’s for lunch and dinner. It’s annoying, but since he’s bedridden, it’s pretty much all he has to look forward to.

If the “one meal choice” is a real concern for you, ask the nurse if you can occasionally bring in food. I used to bring my Mom Mickey D’s cheeseburgers which she loved. I also brought her snacks—individual pudding cups, small bags of chips, an occasional Hershey Bar, etc.
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That's unfortunate. Often places with a limited menu have a few standard foods available for those who don't want what is being served - canned soup, yogurt, etc. - at mom's NH there is a gent who seems to survive almost exclusively on peanut butter sandwiches.
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