Can one parent qualify for Medicaid? -

Can one parent qualify for Medicaid?


My mom is about to go into a full time nursing facility and my dad is living in an assistant living facility. He has some savings but will be depleted within a year if he has to cover both expenses. Can my mom qualify for Medicaid?



Medicaid for 1 spouse with the other continuing to live at home as the “community spouse” is complicated and not a DIY. They need an elder law atty to work with and BEFORE ever filing a Medicaid application as for couples Medicaid does a “ snapshot” day to which all their Assets & Icoomme are affixed to.

If they need to move $, pay off debt, turn in 2 cars to get 1 newer more dependable car, change life insurance policy beneficiaries.... etc, all need to get done BEFORE the snapshot day. Oodles of details & beyond a DIY when it comes to Medicaid for couples. Individual LTC Medicaid for a widow or widower is pretty straightforward & imo can be done by the dpoa totally on thier own if you’ve been involved in your parents life. 

Medicaid does NOT require the CS to themselves become impoverished. Only your dad the about to be a NH resident on Medicaid needs to be. But how to maximize your mom’s financial security as a CS needs experienced insight as to how Medicaid runs for both now and then for whatever post death assets in dads estate might be as Medicaid Estate Recovery (MERP) will happen. Complex & That’s why a NAELA or CELA level of elder law atty is needed. 
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Sister and BIL did the same. He called it financial separation. He also had to sell a car that he was co-signer on the loan of. This was in Illinois.
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My mother qualified for Medicaid without it depleting my father’s assets. He had to cash out a life insurance policy which he used to pay off all debts, and sell one car to have only one. His savings wasn’t affected
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You need to see a certified Eldercare attorney. Applying for Medicaid for one spouse is NOT a diy project.
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im going to try to respond to bump up your post. maybe someone else can reply w more help than I.
im not sure how you would apply on their behalf. I would just contact your Medicaid office and ask for help. explain they are going to be out of money very soon.
does the facilities both accept Medicaid?
I think a friend of mine had to apply on behalf of her mother. who lived in AL at the time and ran out of funds too. My friend was her mothers POA
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