Once I ask Question how do I find the answers, I can't even find the question?

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Shame on me... just found how to ask a question... sorry!!!
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wally003 Jul 23, 2018
its ok Ive had problems replying also. it acts all crazy when im trying to type
I don't even know how to post a question.. you did better than me.
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I CANNOT answer any of the questions about the NEW FORMAT.  Nothing that I type shows up.  I even tried to open a New Question and a New Discussion and was unable to do either.  The screen went to the bottom of the webpage and I could not type any more.  So I "finaaly" (misspelling not caught because the RED underline disappeared) found a questions that has a similar topic and I am typing on this one. 

Spell check is a JOKE!!  There may be 3-4 words that are misspelled but once you correct one word, the RED underline disappears from the other misspelled words so that you have to proofread the entire post.

The comment box/form has FROZEN FIVE different times on FIVE different posts!!  I could NOT EDIT, but I could ADD words to the end of the post.  After 3-5 minutes, I was able to Edit.  But it is getting ridiculous that the Comment post freezes up every time I type something.
Questions that I have been following on the OLD Format have disappeared!  When I go to a person's profile and look at their Answers, their postings are not listed according to date.  The dates skip from 2018 to 2014 to 2017 to 2018 to 2015 to 2016 and so forth.  Is that because each 2018 is the start of a new TOPIC?  I don't remember what the various topics were for each question. 
I can't read the MENU's drop-down tab because it is a light colored FONT on a light colored background.

Some of the questions are listed 2-3 times under-- "Need Answers",  "Recent Questions" and "Popular Questions".  And then when you click on the "See More Recent Questions" arrow, the same questions are listed again.  How many times do I need to see the same questions?!?!?  

My computer screen "Blinks" while I am editing a comment.

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just reply to your own post - the one you just started...

and someone will come along. and try to help you

what do you want to ask?

you can also go into your own profile and see posts - click on your user name
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