Does anyone have any advice on dental care. I ensure my mother brushes her teeth multiple times per day, however, it has been difficult to get a professional cleaning done. Thank you.

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In MN my MIL was in a facility that used a mobile dentist. She had the care done in the NH as she is wheelchair bound. But not sure what is available for those at home. Have you tried contacting the American Dental Association?
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I'm not sure where you live and I don't want to break any rules by posting a link, but Google these:

mobile hygienist
hygienist on the go
hygienist home visits

More and more service industries are coming to us, especially when dealing with a housebound or near housebound parent. You might be able to find a hygienist who can come to the home and give your mom a thorough cleaning. Depending on how close you live to a large city, the hygienist might have the capacity to take digital x-rays for a dentist to review. If additional work is needed at that point, you can plan how to get your mom to the office.

Fingers crossed!
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In what way do you mean “difficult”? As in transporting her to a dentist or is she unwilling to go? I know there are physicians who make house calls, but have never heard of a dentist who does because of the sheer effort of transporting all their equipment. Have you tried calling your own dentist? Or perhaps visit the American Dental Association website and contact them for ideas.
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