She even wants you to push her when she's eating. When I come to visit her at the nursing home she says "Let's Go" and gets really demanding about being pushed around. Then when she finally settles down she tells me she's going to cry if I leave. She really talks out of her head. The nursing home sent her to the hospital (mental ward) to have her meds readjusted and she came back worse than before.
Since I've had BC it's hard to push Mom around and I, afterwards, don't feel good myself with the pain it's created.
I've searched the internet for this and did not find any solution..anyone have any advice?
Also, how do I get my sister, who is POA, to sign Mom up for Hospice? The head nurse suggested it as well as others for Mom but she will not do it. I think this will help if someone else could help with Mom on this(?)

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