I am interning at a senior center and just stumbled across this website. I will be doing some light case management for our members and was wondering if it would be beneficial for me to use this website for additional resources/help with tough situations.

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Hmmmm, if you just wanting opinions..... good, bad or in between, you’ll get them on this site. But realize nothing is ever truly private.

BUT is your internship part of a graduate thesis? Or other graded? If so, you might have to have whatever participants or resources used in your paper fill out a “committee for the protection of human subjects” type of agreement or form in order to ever use the data collected. I had to do these for my masters thesis. So the data could be considered verifiable and not anecdotal (as anecdotal doesn’t count... can be interesting but not quantitative). Try to find this out first and then I’d suggest you afterwards email Ashley, who oversees community input, via the contact us link at the bottom of the page to discuss further.

Whichever the situation, AC has a very good privacy policy.
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