Is it okay that my mother-in-law (86) sleeps this much? -

Is it okay that my mother-in-law (86) sleeps this much?


My 86 year old mother in law (mil) has been living with my husband and me for 2 years. She has macular degeneration and hears out of one ear. She takes an anxiety med before bed. Also meds for gastritis and rheumatoid arthritis. She sleeps ALOT! Goes to bed by 9 pm. Gets up around 8 am, eats breakfast and sleeps again for about an hour. Eats at noon and then another nap. Is this normal? We ask about getting her out with others but she is reluctant to meet new people due to lack of vision and lack of hearing. She also takes over a conversation when she does see people. She is a former health aide who worked with the elderly. She loves listens to the radio and also audio books. Is this ok that she sleeps this much?

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I WISH my mother would sleep more! She goes to bed about 9, is up at 6 and refuses to lie down during the she is often completely exhausted and nodding off in her recliner, but....she's in charge. She's old, she's tired, let her sleep. What WE want for them is to live full active lives, and we forget that they have already done that. I know a lot of elderly people who are very proud of the fact that they are up at the crack of dawn (like 5:30)..but they go to bed at 7:30 or 8pm. I wouldn't sweat this, she's just going with her internal clock.
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NanaS, sounds a lot like my own Mom who also has macular generation to a point where she can barely see... and her hearing is about a 2 on a scale of 10.

My parents get up with the roosters, but right after breakfast they are napping... and happens again after lunch, and after dinner. I can always tell when it take 15 rings on the phone before my Dad answers it.

Remember, your Mom lived a very long life, she's tired. Sadly she can't get up and about like she use to. Being active does help keep one more awake, but your Mom is very limited now. Her arthritis must be painful.
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Mincemeat, add a little beer drinking in there and I could go for that lifestyle.......
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IMHO, that sounds like a normal routine in my experience...get up eat, sleep, worry, eat, sleep, worry, watch TV extremely LOUD, and yes dominate all conversations and ignore anyone talking about themselves or their kids, eat again, go to bed and refuse to wear clean clothes or take a bath. The end!

Routine is king.....don't thankful she loves her audio books. Sounds like someone he age. Will she even discuss hearing aids?
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