Is it ok to put my mom and dad in the same bedroom as they both have dementia, incontinence and are bedridden?

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Is it ok to put my mom and dad in the same bedroom as they both have dementia, incontinence and are bedridden? It's a large room but I don't know if its a good idea. What are your thoughts?

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If it works well for you then I can't see a problem, lots of nursing homes have shared rooms. I assume they shared a bedroom throughout their marriage, so the issue is more about the practical aspects.
Would their sleep schedules be compatible, or would the wakefulness of one cause a problem?
Do they still know each other, or would one of them have a problem sharing a room with a "stranger", and one of the opposite sex at that!
And will there be enough space in the bedroom for you to manoeuvre and to keep all your supplies handy?
Dear Lizzy,

Good of you to try and keep your parents together but with them both having dementia. I don't know how safe it will be. Cwille brings up a lot of good questions. I hope you can make it work. I hope being together will bring them comfort.
Since they are both bed ridden, I think that lessens the risk of one harming the other. Try it and see if they keep each other awake, or are agitated with this arrangement. If they seem accepting of the arrangement I can see benefits to it.

Is this large room in your home? What kind of help do you have in caring for these two people?
thanks for your input everyone. its a large bedroom in their home. as far as help its just me. I will have nursing coming from wound care once they get home from rehab next week. I will get a bit of help but not much. my concern is the dementia. moms pretty quiet and to her self but dad is verbal and could be nasty at times. its hard to do two at once and than a husband with Parkingsons its a handful. family is useless have four sisters who don't care at all. no visits, no calls, nothing . how sad is that.
So are you and your husband going to live in that home?
I will move into their home as I did before they went to hospital and than rehab. my husband and I only live two minutes away from parents so he will go back and fourth to parents home to help me as much as he can. its hard but its easier this way. my home has flights of stairs out and inside side and if they needed to go to doctors and or back to the hospital it would be very difficult to get them in and out..
mom comes home Tuesday this coming week and dad on thrusday....

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