When my father was taken into hospital about 11 days ago, he told me one of the nurses on his floor made a comment he "overheard" saying "we have a live one this time." I disregarded it for my "father's ego" rearing its head.

Within two days, the nurse disclosed to me (father on high levels of opiates for pain - morphine, percocet) that he had "willingly given her his home phone number when she asked him for it." She went on to elaborate on their "conversation" that he had said "I'm too old for you. I was born 30 years too late." She cockily told me "I told I'm not too young for you. I'll just be a better Lover for you!"

She went on to tell me how she had changed her shift schedule around so she would be "assigned to him."

She told me she planned to cook and "keep him company when he gets out". (Even though this is clear across the city for her!)

She told me she knows "exactly what he needs" - - and "she hopes I didn't mind their "relationship".

And various other remarks. She also is spending a lot of extra time in his room, and others have to call her away to "get back to work."

She told me she was "depressed" because she thought she wouldn't see him after her two days off - and "I was so happy to see him still here when I came back!"

On another day, when she was "assigned to him" - she was first in another patient's room and talked to me sounding very professional. I was thinking "wow - maybe I misunderstood her. " - -BUT then when she left that patient's room, went I guess back to the hall, she starts in again about 'how he is her future Lover, and how they joke about his mother, and this or that (all very personal type relationship-building topics).

I called the State Nursing Association because I wanted a "third party neutral" to give me feedback on her comments. I was told to report her to Licensing and then gave me that number.

I don't know if she is a Black Widow or not, but I find it really strange for a nurse to be using comments like "Lover", "Make you feel real good.", "I'll take care of you after you are out - you have nothing to worry about." etc to be really creepy.

I told his primary care doc about it this morning and asked if he could get her re-assigned. I told him what has been going on. He clearly seemed seriously "concerned."

Has anyone else run into this kind of sleazy creepiness from a hospital nurse?
She's near retirement age I think. He's 93 - so 30 years younger would put her early 60s - - not a new nurse - this one "knows better."

(There's another "vulture" circling as well - - came back after five years. Seems like every time it seems he may be nearing death, this attractive woman shows up to play the "concerned daughter--type". (She's not related - she's just a self-proclaimed Psychic.) She's a real piece of work, too. Got kicked out of my hotel by Security in Oct 2007 for going into a "rage fit" - screaming at my then boyfriend and I and making a scene in the brunch room. Anyway, she's "back".

I'm 3000 miles away. Anyone got any pointers for the distant Power of Atty.? (next of kin / daughter)

Meanwhile my father's health hasn't improved. I'm not sure if surgery is next or just extended care. - Hasn't moved his bowels in weeks on his own and has an infection.

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I would say to call the states board of nursing licensing and file a complaint against her license. That is sexual advances on a patient and it is TOTALLY inappropriate in a professional capacity!!! Also, you bet your bottom dollar that the doctor was upset by this, because he has MULTIPLE other patients in this facility and possibly cared for by this nurse! He pays a lot of money to have admitting privileges there and he wants all patients to be treated with professional respect and maturity by their CARE PROVIDER!

Lastly, this nurse might say that he willingly gave his phone number to her, but unless your father verifies that, how can you be sure that she didn't get it directly from his chart on the computer? Also, your father might have thought she asked for a medical reason, not for miss nosy nurse to have it for personal use!
Please complain loud and hard to whomever you can, the board of nursing, the hospitals HR director, the hospitals executives if you can find a phone #, the units nurse manager or director of nursing, etc.
Let us know how this works out!
~Wheelie :-)
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The more your dad's health declines, the more "vultures" as you call them, will come around. I suggest you either move closer to your dad or have him moved closer to you if you feel you need to protect him so much. If he ends up with a younger woman moving in with him, and giving him what he likes, and ultimately getting his hands on his money, you have no one to blame but yourself if you still live 3000 miles away.
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I agree 1000% with Perseverance. I'd be calling immediately! That's scary!!! Good luck!!!
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You call the hospital HR department and place a complaint. Way out of line.
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