Hi all - I have a question and as everyone made me feel a lot better after posting questions this year after my mother died in March - I thought I would ask for your help again.
I have submitted a sort of Subject Access Request to the Hospital for access to her medical records, But now wish to get access to her records where she was in a nursing home for the last 9 days of her life - Has anyone else managed to do this?

Thanks again all


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Micky, do it in writing, keep it formal but courteous - business-like, if you will.

Dear Manager, ref Mrs A Smith, resident [date] to [date]. Please forward to me all notes on file at [nursing home] regarding Mrs Smith and her stay with you. I look forward to receipt of these by [time specified in whatever regulation you're relying on]. With thanks in anticipation, yours sincerely Micky xxxx 😘 (or however you normally close business letters)

None of her business what you want them for; and it's not like you're asking a rude question. She's no grounds to object. Don't be uneasy!
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mickyc444 Nov 2018
Have done as you suggested - many thanks again

Micky C
Thanks Countrymouse for the link and I havent as yet contacted the home - I just wanted to avoid them (for personal reasons!) and try and and request through the backdoor ???

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There's a thread on Talking Point from the Alzheimers Society -

Have you approached the nursing home and asked for her records?
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