My oldest sister obtained POA of my mom when mom was medicated and within 30 days she cleared out my mom's house of all contents and put the house up for sale. The only thing left was the kitchen sink. I filed for guardianship and the court accepted and granted guardianship for mom and the POA was revoked. Is the POA required to have a report of all transaction activities that she did as POA?. I would like a list of the house contents that she removed and distributed and where they went. She is not talking to any family member. I was thinking of sending her a registry letter of request or do I need to get a lawyer to do it?

The guardianship was granted in New York State( where mom lives) but I am in another state. Can I get a local lawyer or a NY lawyer if I need to?

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New York requires all new guardians to undergo training and submit proof of that before the court order becomes effective. As a new Guardian you submit an inventory of remaining assets. If items were stolen, you press charges against the thief. Once you complete the training, this will all be clearer.
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