My father has never been good with money and has always been secretive about his finances. The three months since I returned to my home after nearly two years taking care of him and his wife, he has gone bonkers. At 81 he felt he needed a new car, he has stopped making his mortgage payment and is now in default, penned a contract for 17K worth of new windows, bought three new printers as well as over 2K from Walmart, Costco and Target. He sold property at one third the value which has drawn attention by the IRS because they had dispositioned his status on past taxes as uncollectable. they are now threatening to put a freeze on his account, which would be the best possible action anyone could take.

He is acting on the belief he will get a reverse mortgage but his wifes son has POA over her affairs because she has dementia and he refuses to sign. He is building a deep hole for himself.

On top of all this, he owes me over 40K from loans I extended him before I was aware of his financial position.

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Hello theguire,

We have an article on the site that I thought may be helpful to you regarding conservatorship.

I hope this helps you,
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