What, if any, are my Legal responsibilities? If I leave for a 2 week vacation and Dad dies, am I legally responsible? He sometimes refuses to eat.
I do not have power of attorney for either parent.
My father was diagnosed last year with Alzhimers by Dr, Hospice is involved2x a week for my father.
Mom has not been diagnosed and has not seen a dr in 6 mo. She has some memories issues but both are fine on there own for a few days.
My mother firmly states that SHE IS THE PRIMARY CAREGIVER AND HAS POA.
My mother is a very toxic person and I need to get away from her. My mental health is in decline because of it. I am alone in this, no sister to help.
Iv tried to get outside help for my father but mom keeps canceling them. "we don't need any help"

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Take your trip. Hospice is involved. They are mandated reporters and will call in APS if they think your mother needs assistance or if your dad needs to be in a care facility.
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Dear Czechchi,

Sorry to hear your mother is so difficult. Although there are no legal responsibilities, but I feel there is a moral one. I know you have tried and been rebuffed by your mother. But given how vulnerable your parents are getting, I would still try to get social services involved. Maybe they need an outside person to talk with them about their options. Even though hospice is involved it sounds like you are still concerned about their safety. I would advise hospice you are going away on vacation and update your contact information. And consider asking where can your parents get more help given that your mom is in denial. There has to be more options that include hiring more help or getting your parents into assisted living or a nursing home.
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Legal responsibilities? None. Dad is on hospice care. If he dies while you are away, that is nature taking its expected course.

Your mother is taking full responsibility. It is very nice of you to try to help them. Now go take a nice vacation!
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