Nursing home resident lived in FL. Nursing home told next of kin that only funeral home was allowed to know how much was in deceased's account. They refuse to give information to next of kin. Decedent had no power of attorney. What can we do?

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Everything is frozen until the court appoints an Executor for the estate.  Next of kin means nothing, it takes a court order appointing you Executor for any information to be released to you.
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The executor has the right. If no will, go to the probate office and see if you can be made Administrator to handle lose ends. Her PNA acvount does not go back to Medicaid. I was able to take my short certificate showing I was Executor to the office and within a few days received a check in my name for Moms PNA.

I have never heard of a funeral home being able to know someones finances. Really, what gives them the right. All they need to know is the person setting up the service will pay the cost.
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Jogo12, someone at some time needed to have signed a contract to have the person placed into the nursing home. What does the contract say?

Was the person in the nursing home self-pay? Meaning they paid for the nursing home from the own wallet?

Or was the person there under Medicaid, where the State paid for the care? If it is Medicaid, then any money in the account would go back to Medicaid to help pay for the care. You may want to contact the State Medicaid office, as each State handles this differently.
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