Dad is in Nursing Home. Mom is living on her own. We are in the process of applying for Medicaid. NH wants mom to allow them to handle the Medicaid application and wants all of dad's income to go directly to them. Mom is concerned that they will not give her any amount as a community spousal allowance. Has anyone had the NH handle this process? Something seems fishy with this request.

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The Nursing Home handled my mom’s application, too, and I have to say it came through with lightning speed. I had POA for her, though, not them. I’ve never heard of “Medicaid POA”, because to me that would mean the Nursing Home was in charge of spending down Dad’s funds and would have to be on his accounts or have access to them and have power to withdraw funds and sign checks. Get POA for Mom and Dad right now. I went through Legal Zoom, it cost less than $100 and I never had a moment’s issue with it while she was alive or after she passed. That way, anything the Nursing Home does goes through you first.

Secondly, it is NOT up to the Nursing Home to decide how much Mom gets as a Community Spouse. It is totally up to Medicaid.
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