My dad had was put in hospital then rehab then to nursing home. He had human insurance. Nursing home put in for Medicaid he was in nursing home for 2 12 months went back to hospital found out he had bladder cancer. He past two weeks later. Was put on hospice the day before he died. He lived with me for 20 years after my mom passed. He owned nothing.

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You may need to try to follow through on the medicaid application to make sure he was accepted into medicaid.

The NH needs to get paid for his stay there. It could be that his stay was totally a post hospitalization rehab benefit of Medicare (Medicare not Medicaid). If so, then the first 21 days was 100% paid by Medicare and the rest of the days 80% paid by Medicare and the rest by his Humana - which was his secondary coverage.
If this is the situation then, it's great as probably all costs are paid.

But if rehab was stopped after the first 21 days, there will be a bill from the NH. If so, that's why you need to follow through on medicaid.

For my late mil, her Medicaid application was still in revirew & not yet approved for NH Medicaid and she then ended up rehospitalised due to sepsis and then went from this hospitalization to an in- unit hospice where she died about 3 weeks later. SIL doggedly continued to get mil Medicaid application done and it was finally approved almost a yr later. So Medicaid eventually paid both the NH & the hospice room & board charges. Otherwise, probably theNH would have turned it over to collections sent to my BIL. Yes it's a bother & totally a PIA to do this, but so is debt collectors hounding you to pay dads debts. If you signed off on his admissions contact to be financially responsible at either the NH or hospice, you will get billed if medicaid does not pay.
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Dad's life insurance is payable to the beneficiary of the policy.
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