Is it considered normal for a social worker from a nursing home to request a "family meeting" after a patient (w/ dementia and psychiatric issues) has only been there for one week? The "reason" given by the social worker for the meeting was to discuss the patient's progress from "counseling." The patient has endlessly been requesting to go home due to being too far from home (his original home & friends) and not liking the food. The patient had to go to the nursing home due to needing 24 hr/7 day a week care per doctor's orders. The patient can no longer live on his own and will not accept it. This was the only nursing home that had bed availability and that would admit him from the psychiatric facility. He's Medicaid approved for long term care.

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Care meetings are usually scheduled by the facility in the first few weeks. This doesn't seem to be unusual.
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A meeting is a good thing.
It can give you an idea as to what the plan of care is. What the expectations are for you and for your loved one, and what you expect from them.

If there is a place that is closer for family and friends so that they will more easily be able to visit let the Social Worker know, They might be able to let you know if a bed opens up at a closer facility. This would probably be better if the one you want your LO moved to is owned by the same company (if that makes sense)

I would think this is a promising thing, my husband was in rehab for over 3 months and it was not until 2 weeks before he was to be discharged that anyone met with me. (trust me I gave them an ear full!)
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