Father has Dementia and the nursing home came to eval. him before we moved him in there and said he was a perfect fit for their facility after a week of being there we get a letter saying that he is not a perfect fit for their place
That he use's the call button too much and if no one comes right away he yells for help waking up the other's in the facility

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I wonder how Father was during the home evaluation? Many people with dementia can "show time" and appear almost normal for short bursts of time. Now that he is settled in his true behavior may be emerging.

Is this a place that claims to offer "memory care" or "dementia care"? If so, they should be able to figure out how to deal with his behavior.

If they don't normally handle dementia cases but took him thinking he had mild symptoms they could handle, then Father might be better served elsewhere.

This isn't bait-and-switch, is it? Are they claiming now they can only handle him if you pay additional fees?

What does the letter suggest you do now?
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I'm so sorry to hear about your problem. You must be so worried. What do they want you to do about it?

When my father moved to hospice, they asked the next day, "why didn't you tell us he has dementia?"

Well, as far as I knew, he didn't! They had all his medical records. No one asked me any questions about dementia. All I knew was that he had cancer, and he was waking up every hour all night long. I did tell them that.

I have to say they took very good care of him. One of the nurses had a fight (verbal) with him, so I guess he felt right at home!!! God bless you.
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