I made two verbal complaints about a nonprofessional staff member at my 87 year old husband's nursing home. Nothing was done. in January I made a written complaint. The administrator called me and said staff member was being placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. I heard nothing more. This is in California.

A week later I saw the staff member working on the floor. I went to the administrators, they said I could not have anyone with me when I spoke to them because of confidentiality; they said the investigation showed nothing wrong. They had the staff member come in and she said she and my husband were just good friends.

The problem continued. I asked for another meeting. I asked to have a friend with me. They insisted on having a social worker in the meeting and he was taking notes. He agreed to give me a copy of the notes from meeting. At this meeting the staff member tonight everything. She even denied ever having been placed on administrative leave.

It seems they have been ignoring my complaint. The actions of this staff member have cost emotional suffering to my family, my husband, and I think to the staff member also, for one year now. I told the administrator I don't want ever ever ever to have another family suffer as we have. I asked only did they develop and implement a policy regarding staff boundaries, therapeutic interaction, and assessment of each patient's mental status when there is a personality change.

The administrator said the social worker would develop policy regarding staff boundaries and therapeutic communication with patients. it's been one week. I sent one e-mail to the social worker. I've heard nothing from him. What should be my next action?

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Call your local ombudsman and they will do an investigation. If there is abuse they uncover they are legally required to report it to the state.

It's painful to see our loved ones suffer at the hands of a supposed caretaker. I've gone through it.
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