nursing home policies -is there some standard they go by-like "we dont take blood tests any more" or is to common practice for patients with diabeties , whose early( morning)level is normal about 135....but the evening level is very high-about 300-and has been for months,for me to be told it is nothing to be concerned about?
she is on many meds.,one isnt good for dementia and can increase blood sugar levels-anti psychotics plus other drugs--
i dont get it- and i dont get answers- ive spoken to her doctor,but it was months ago, he said he would have results of her blood test in 2 weeks-when i called to find out what the results were,i was told she no longer has any blood tests taken.
do i have to call the state agencies again?
thanks for any info ....

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Do you have medical POA for your mom? Do you have a hippa waiver signed by your mom to allow you to see her medical information?

I wonder if part of the confusion is that there are two different "blood tests" that might be talked about here. One is the finger prick that gives an instant read of the current blood sugar level. The other (A1C) is a blood draw analysed in a laboratory and showing a longer-term view of blood sugar levels. I suspect that when the doctor said he would have the results of her blood test in 2 weeks he was talking about the lab draw. When you were told that blood tests were no longer taken that was referring to the finger prick. (Maybe. This is all guess work.)

It is POSSIBLE that the doctor reviewed the lab work, was satisfied with the results, and ordered the finger pricks stopped at the NH. Then presumably the plan would be to do the lab test evry few months and only resume the finger pricks if the lab work isn't satisfactory.

When finger pricks were being done, what was happening based on the high evening numbers? Was Mom given insulin? Were were med amounts adjusted? Did they change her ususal evening meal? Remember that the finger prick only provides information. It does not treat anything. Her diabetes is neither better nor worse because they are not pricking her finger and testing her blood.

I think that you deserve an explanation of how her diabetes is now being monitored and treated. Could you make an apointment with her doctor for that purpose?
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